Monday, March 25, 2013

Last week in March!

Winter Postcard from Niagara 3
Yikes! Time she be flyin’! 
Next weekend is:

A) Ice Dragon How the heck did that happen already? It was months away last time I checked. If I was “smrt” I’d fix up / prep / adjust the garb now… but seriously, it’s NOT REENACTMENT if you’re not up the night before in panic sewing mode.
B) Western Easter – or “Find the Chocolate Eggs before the Dog Does” as it is known in our house.
C) April!!!!
D) Tax time! Crap! I need to borrow my work-calculators and organize my papers.

Music progresses glacially slowly. Honestly, I haven’t had much time to put any effort into it; yet again RealLifeTM and being a ‘grown up’ interferes with my fun time.

My teacher found a very basic 1 version of a song I actually know (and that doesn’t classify as a children’s song2 or something stupid written merely to illustrate the lesson concept3) – this greatly increases the chances I will actually ::ahem:: practice.

My poor teacher is used to teaching kids, so she is finding it challenging (as she is pretty much a kid herself) to come up with grown-up ways to impart certain musical concepts. For example, happy and sad aren’t cutting it as a way to differentiate Major and Minor chords. For me there are only two categories of sound4 – good and bad.
Good: Music, cats purring, waves on a beach, laughter, and the sound of your car finally turning over when it’s -27C (-17F
Bad: dentist drills, jackhammers, and listening to someone puke.

Attention any SCA –types and costumers out there who have any advice on working with boning…I’m all ears! This corset might be a more involved project than I was hoping for. Typical. I am lazy.

1Basic = introduces use of two hands and two staves.
2Children’s – Mary had a little lamb isn’t as inspiring as one might think.
3Marcel darling, I’m looking at you.
4There is also a third category “Irritating sounds” but as this category is highly subjective to my mood it doesn’t really count

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