Saturday, August 31, 2013

Party in aisle 15?

photo credit: unknown
my invitation to said party: lost in the mail... apparently

Thursday, August 01, 2013

okay... I am not sure.

I am getting weird spammy emails.

But I'm not sure if they're spam or a "mistake".

In one series of emails I'm on a list of people who are included in fund-raising meetings and decisions.

Less Suspicious Me: Remembers that I was involved in Advancement Office work and I may be on various association lists and my email has been mistakenly added to someone's list.
Suspicious Me: Thinks I'm being targeted for some kind of send us money scam.
Coping Strategy: Identify emails as spam when they show up.

In another series of emails I'm being sent appears to be from some NYC Jewish daycare parents group that think I'm going to volunteer to bring food to meetings, picnics, and participate in group activities

Less Suspicious Me:

Suspicious Me:

Coping Strategy: