Thursday, March 07, 2013


I call shenanigans! My knee hurts and I didn’t even do anything yet!
Dear Knee, you whiny bitch! I’ll give you something to complain about tonight – I’m upping the work out.

Don’t get me wrong I truly appreciate that modern freedoms, and conveniences…
BUT, I was born in the wrong century. Really. I should been an adult (wealthy, of course) in the early 1900s – I follow a Tumblr called omgthatdress and it’s pretty much a given that if my reaction to a dress is OMG I NEED THAT it is from anywhere between 1900-1915 (check out the tags and scroll past the jewelry, parasols, and fancy dress outfits)

So it might seem odd that I’m playing a much earlier period than that in the SCA (I play Viking to 1400s)* – in fact the SCA only plays as late as 1600-ish.

Lesson learned! One should never taunt the fates by even joking that your goal for the week is to get organized – I now have a mountain of laundry, I’m two dishwasher loads behind, and I didn’t read the memo** that said one of my deadlines had moved up. Can you smell the panic?
Although this week we did manage to get the recycling out in time, so – Yay! That counts, right?

Alright, that's me done. As you were!

*primarily because 1500 dress construction start to get complicated and messy.
**my bad!

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