Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!

Possibly more Hallowe'en-themed than is normal for this day, but I like Hallowe'en.

Also Pumpkin Pie RULES and should be celebrated often.

The internet is full of shake your head and wonder things. I chuckle at those who feel it "necessary" to "warn" visitors to their sites and profiles.

Warnings are fair enough and warranted in some cases; nudity, difficult pictures (death, violence, etc), erotic notions that might cause wibbly knees..

But the warnings that I'm referring to are the "I'm a bad-ass - don't mess with me" ones
  • If they claim they won't tolerate any "drama", they are usually the ones that generate it.
  • If they claim they don't care what you think about their fandoms/life style/etc  they are usually the ones who take the slightest criticism to heart.
  • If they tell you how dangerous they are... well, you get the picture, non?

I'll let you in on a wee secret kids - the most bad-ass soul on the internet isn't going to tell you; you'll either 'know', or you'll find out too late.
And now some free motherly advice - Don't wave red flags in front of Trolls... the interdweb is full of anons just wanting to yank your chain.

One more sleep until the weekend!

photo credit: Me!
pumpkin credit: Me kid*

*yes, I let my kids play with sharp things...

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