Friday, March 08, 2013

International Women's Day

I offer this invocation of the Divine Feminine, within us all- men and women- in celebration of International Women's Day. May this wild and wise fire stir our creativity in the service of Life:

I call on the Spirit of the Divine Feminine to bless us.

May we know the wildness and the wisdom that is our birthright.

There is a wildness in us
that is not content with small changes, half-measures, muted joys or polite tears.

There is a wildness in us that wants to dance with Dzunuk’wa,
Wild Woman of the Woods in the Pacific Northwest,
bathed in the silver light and blue shadows of the full moon,
gathering energy from our mother the earth to do what needs to be done.

There is a wildness in us that wants to ride like Durga and Kali,
into the fray, unafraid and fierce,
destroying the illusions of control that allow human beings
to defile the very wilderness that sustains their hearts and souls
and balances their minds and bodies.

There is wildness in us fuelled by a sorrow too big to bear in silence
that wants to wail at the destruction of the earth and the harming of her children,
that wants to rend our clothing and stand on the steps of the legislature
-thousands of women standing shoulder to shoulder, garments torn, wailing-
until the law makers act to protect the body and heart of every mother and child.

There is a place in us where wisdom and wildness dance together,
the place where Kwan-Yin speaks the true name of the sacred
that lives in every tree and flower,
every heart and mind, every stone and bit of blood and bone.

The place where we know what we know and will not pretend otherwise.

The place where Lilith says, “Hell No!”
when she is told she must obey unjust laws,
must be quiet, must subjugate her being to another’s priorities,
to “practical considerations,” or “economic realities.”

She is the Maiden warrior who stands for the heart that dares to dream in colour for herself and her sisters and brothers.

She is the protective Mother who stands between her children- all the children of Grandmother Earth- and the destructive power of the dominator culture.

She is the fierce Crone, the one who cannot be seduced or intimidated into being silent, the one who speaks the truth and calls on the hearts of all men and women to remember what they know, what they love, what they are.

Sacred Feminine Fire, ignite our wildness and our wisdom, so we may live all of who and what we are, loyal to the truth, unafraid of the fire, willing and able to dream a new world.

Can I get a Hell Yeah! for the fact that it's FRIDAY again?

And if, like me, you live in a part of the world were they still do that stupid DST Spring Forward/Fall Back crap - this is the weekend that we lose an hour... cuz ya'know we all need to lose an hour in the day. I will spend the next few weeks trying to reset the remarkably accurate Tummy Clock (Pet Edition).

*wanders off muttering darkly*


Pat Tillett said...

Hell Yeah!
As to DST, I just want it to get dark later in the day. That's all I care about. At this moment we are camped on the banks of the Colorado River. On our side (California) is 6:40 pm. On the other side of the river it is 7:40. It's not because it's a different time zone, but because Arizona adopted DST permanent years ago. Except that the people who live here (on the California side) have chosen to use Arizona time. It screws everything up because it's too hard to know what time it really is, because it's only this little strip of land that has it back asswards...

Gingerspark said...

The whole DST thing frustrates me as it may have served a purpose in an earlier period, but now it makes no sense and should be ended.
We get up according to the clock (dark or in the light)and we go to bed according to a clock - don't want dark? turn on a light!