Wednesday, July 17, 2013

tingly ouchy post

I went to the physiotherapist on Monday cuz the back pain was worse and starting to radiate down my legs.

I ended up at the clinic for 2 hours - got the tingly electro-massage thing, lots of "does this hurt? does this hurt? how about this?", some self-inflicted foam roller massage (assigned for homework), exercises (also assigned for homework), some twisting and pulling, and then some acupuncture.

Apparently due to my dance background I am "too flexible" in my lower spine and I've compressed/pinched something in and around my L5. Also my iliotibial bands are totally messed up.

I went home and promptly hurt myself doing my "homework". I sproinged* my knee doing wall squats. I will have to get some modifications, as I doubt I was supposed to hurt more.

*legit medical term

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