Monday, July 15, 2013

The conditions are sultry... code for "it's crap out"

Dear Summer, is this heat and humidity really necessary? No love, Me.

This weekend:
- I tackled some much over-due gardening...I hate gardening. I've really tried to like it. I got to kill/rip out – so, as hateful jobs go it wasn't as bad as it could be. However, I twisted my knee by stepping into a rabbit-hole and I got a sun burn (but only on spots I missed with the sunscreen).
- went to a meatfest kinda southern BBQ resto and managed to eat vegetarian much to the amusement of our server.
- I may have bought several bolts of linen. There is a strong strong possibility that these bolts are in my basement… at this very moment. Hello, My name is Lady Susanna Gunn and I have a fabric problem…
- My hip is sciatica-ing or something.
- We washed the dog. She is not impressed. Boiling hot day and nice cool clean water (and a lovely organic fur-friendly shampoo) and she is miserable, BUT had it been a freezing spring morning and had the kiddie pool been a ditch full of muddy sludge or had we been near the swamp and had there been green slime /algae it would have been great fun.


Pat Tillett said...

Sorry for all your misfortune, the way you described it was hilarious though.

Some days just aren't worth getting out of bed for. One of the major reasons I live where I do, is the the low humidity. It's even been kind of humid here lately.

Gingerspark said...

It's kind of humid everywhere I think - it's a sticky year!