Friday, May 24, 2013

You need more junk mail!

Or so the Canadian Postal Service would have you believe.
I'm not kidding.
Canada Post asks Canadians to accept junk mail — by sending them junk mail

There was a spokesperson on the radio last night who actually said that there were alot of people who had opted out of flyers junk mail and were now confused as to how to get back on the list. She said it without laughing or choking. I am impressed.

Here's the letter they sent (credit to: Metro Morning's Matt Galloway @metromorning)

(click for larger view)

and now, because I'm a Canadian and legally and morally obliged to discuss the weather...

It's fricking freezing! Last week our temperatures soared into the +30C range and we all flicked on our AC units. Last night I put the heat back on as it was 11C in the house.

Have a wonderful weekend my darlings!!

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