Thursday, May 02, 2013

They claim it's 23C.

Spring appears to have finally sprung, or at least I have turned off the furnace. However I am not confident enough to have put away the shovels and the woolies.

I am not a huge fan of fast food outlets, but have of necessity had to frequent them of late. I am pleasantly surprised that there seem to be more and more vegetarian and vegan options on the menus. Cuz seriouzzzly people!!! There are only so many veggie burgers one can eat. There is even a place that is offering vegan poutine! Huzzahs and bravos to the growing enlightenment in fast food chains. However, the jaded cynic in me realizes it is probably just a marketing grab at the 5-6% (based on US numbers) of the population that consider themselves vegetarian (2% vegan).

Rehab work outs are going well. Some of it is more overcoming mental barriers now. Having a goal of doing two 5K races this summer helps (Colour Me Rad and Warrior Dash) as does having re-done the music playlists.

My new Go To song for getting through that last 5 minute push is Feeling Fascist? (from the Violent Acts of Beauty CD by London After Midnight, because my inner weenie is calling the inner slave driver a fascist by the end of the work out. Love their music!

I think I’ve fangirled this artist before but I’m not above doing it again; Rob Gonsalves - check out his art Rob Gonsalves Facebook Page– I love these dreamy illusions.


because you know it's true.


Pat Tillett said...

That in a nutshell, is why I love living where I do. It is almost always mild here, no matter the season...

Gingerspark said...

mild is ok, but you also get REALLY hot and that's not so ok. :/