Friday, May 17, 2013

There go my retirements plans.

Problem #1
According to all news reports the LCBO was going on strike (cue: gnashing of teeth, lamentations, and rending of clothing) - no booze for the long weekend and Canada's official kick off to summer (regardless of the frost warnings)

Problem #2
My lawn has ALL the dandelions.

Solution (and genius business plan)
Make dandelion wine and sell it for $100 bottle!

Early retirement - especially if I also sell the dandelion greens as salad or pet bunny food.

Farm tax credit.

Curses! Foiled again - no strike and *poof* there goes early retirement.

In other news - Earthquake! bestest most excitingest thing all day

Enjoy your May Two-Four (except not quite) weekend not drinking my fine dandelion wine
Stay safe; which on this weekend means staying clean of garden centers


Pat Tillett said...

Oh no! You almost had it made...
Back to the drawing board!

Gingerspark said...

I'll have to keep on working for awhile