Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I confess to you, my brothers and sisters, that I ...

am just not that into Game of Thrones.

I don’t dislike it, I’m just more “meh” about it.

I haven’t read all of the available books yet, but what I’ve read is good – just “good”. I’m looking forward to the end, but more to see who dies lives. In an interview, George Martin was asked whether any characters were going to live through the 6th book. He replied something along the lines of ‘no, everyone dies in #5, and #6 is just going to be the descriptions of the wind blowing across their graves’. I believe this.

The TV series is well-done, with fabulous actors, gorgeous sets, lovely costumes… I don’t know what it is though… meh.

I find myself not really liking anyone – non-of the characters are really “nice” (except Ned Stark, and they off’ed him early on). I can’t really get behind anyone and cheer. As soon as I start to like a character they go and get killed, or do something really douchbaggy, and let’s face it, some of them started out as douchebags.

My favourite character is Tyrion (at least in the series as he get most of the great lines)

Everyone keeps gushing about how I must be loving the series as I’m into “all that Medieval stuff”. Ummm. No. People! People! This is “Fantasy”! It’s not remotely historical, and indeed it’s not trying to be.

All that expectation… Argh! I feel bad (seriously!) I should love it, and I tried to love it, but… *sigh* not.

Pretty much all this is for me is a well-acted reiteration of life sucks, it isn’t fair, and then you die - often painfully and horrifically.

Something I do find endlessly entertaining is DJFlula's recaps of Game of Thrones episodes.
He is hysterical, and his other rants are fun too, watch them.

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