Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Mom Apple

If you’re a Mom you know what the 'Mom Apple' is; it’s that last apple in the basket. It is the apple that sat there while all the other ‘better’ bigger, shinier, less wrinkly apples got eaten. It’s the one that no one will eat and it will go to waste until Mom eats it or turns into apple sauce.

It’s not just apples though is it Mom? It’s the overly ripe banana, it’s that battered first slice of bread at the front of the bag that everyone reaches past, it’s the first pancakes out of the pan that are mangled no matter how careful you are, it’s those leftovers that have been in the fridge too long but that would be a sin to waste.

It’s the damp sleeping bag on camping trips, the lumpy pillow, and the non-window seat.

It’s all for a good cause but, every once and awhile, don’t forget to spoil yourself, eh?

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