Sunday, April 14, 2013

I got one!

I got one question to my post last week...

Q: I can't tell what are you in style? are you witch? hippy? goth? what do you dress?

A: Style? oh Honey! I don't think I have a style. I just try to stay out of People of Walmart (seriously!) You don't want to see yourself on that site.

Am I a witch? Erm... Well I do identify as a witch (sometimes spelled with a "b"). For the record: No, I am NOT Wiccan. I respect Wiccans but I'm not one. Style-wise am I a witch? do you mean do I wear alot of black? I do have alot of black (Hey! It's slimming!) but i have been told "You don't look like a witch" - I honestly don't know what that means... Maybe I don't wear enough black

A hippy? Yes I am hippy - but I'm on a diet and exercise program. Hopefully those hips will be less "hippy" soon. Although I do enjoy playing up the "Pin Up Girl" style sometimes.
If you mean am I a hippie and all the being someone who has a bright outlook on life and cares about the world, the environment, human and animal rights, love and peace, and harbours a healthy mistrust of government and corporations- then yes. But not so much the drugs and communal living stuff; I never was into that.

A goth? Nope... it's too much work. I don't enjoy shopping enough to be bothered, and it doesn't really fit with the cheerful, hyper, bright outlook on life.

What do I dress? I aim for something clean and something that fits. Boring really.

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