Thursday, June 20, 2013

Christine? Is that you?

I have a rental car this week. I think it’s haunted.

They gave me the whole “no smoking in the car” speech at the pick-up place. Fair enough, and no problem – I don’t smoke.

But I got in the car next morning and it smelled like stale cigarettes – you remember that smell in Grandpa’s car way back when.

Then, I was on the highway and all of a sudden the car filled with a really strong gardenia-type perfume smell* which dissipated when I opened the window.

This morning it smell faintly like B.O.** and then a few minutes later the car filled with a an aftershave smell***.

So, definitely haunted.
Or did I miss the memo about the new Smell-o-Rama feature being available?

* [cue gagging noises] We hates it precious.
**No! not me! The nerve!
***Quite pleasant actually


Pat Tillett said...

I'll bet they know about that car. Rental lot was probably built on an ancient Indian burial ground.
If it was "Smell-o-Rama" you KNOW they would have charged you for it...

Gingerspark said...

I haven't had my bill yet, they may, in fact, be charging me 'exy=tra'. :/