Sunday, July 30, 2006


When we are young often pain comes from having loved too hard
When we are older pain is often the result of having lived too hard

Live, Love, Laugh...Learn


Capitán Centollo M.B.E. said...

Sometimes I laugh
I laugh to think how young we were.

McCartney, "Somedays"

(... such a caressing blog...)

Nariane said...

if we keep laughing, maybe we can manage to stay that young, at least in our hearts, no?

Capitán Centollo M.B.E. said...

I have always admired people like Groucho Marx, Monty Python, John Lennon, Woody Allen... for the ability to laugh at everything and everybody and, of course, themselves. We should create the Laughter University.
Laugh and Love sound quite similar. Maybe we should invent some new term like Lauve. Wouldn't it be nice to say "I lauve you"?

Nariane said...

Laughter University? yes this a good idea.

It should be a compulsary education, non?

There are many people I would sign-up right away...some urgent cases in desparate need of a sense of humour.