Monday, February 25, 2013

Meatless Monday’s DCP

Whether it’s a Meatless Monday, or Meatless Every Day, it is nonetheless Monday and time for a DCP1

5 Good Things About Today
1. One day closer to the weekend!
2. I have no meetings scheduled for today
3. As it is budget planning season – I get to shut my office door, turn my heater up, listen to my music, and not be bothered.
4. Sunshine!! Sort of. Sometimes.
5. I saw deer this morning!

3 Things I Did Well
1. Procrastinate
2. Got up! (I did it well once the second alarm went off, and the dog jumped on the bed)
3. Not freak out too badly when I found the gift Kitty left me. I’m impressed actually! Not too shabby for an aged indoor pampered furball

2 Things I Look Forward To
1. My treadmill time with my new playlist
2. Mitch’s yoga class tonight

A bit of cognitive reframing therapy for this charming Monday. As revolting as it may be, I challenge all y’alls to do this!

So, back to the meatless thing…

Oh I could never be a vegetarian is what I commonly hear. Baby steps! If you think about it, some of what you eat might already be considered vegetarian (think mac n cheese, spaghetti marinara, veggie topped pizza)

Give it a try once a week and when you got that down go fer MOAR (slowly). It’s good for you! It’s good for the environment! And believe me the animals will appreciate not being slaughtered.
I still meet with some occasional grumbling and resistance but in our house there are always two things on the menu – Take it, and Leave it!2

In other news

  • Beets are disgusting no matter what colour they are. Fact: gold beets just as gross as red ones.
  • Learning to read music and play my harp is very hard and is making me cry - especially being surrounded by people who keep telling me it’s easy and I’m doing great. No it isn’t, and no, I’m not

1 Disgustingly Cheerful Post – the kind of stuff that’ll make you wanna puke rainbows ’n shit buttercups.
2 I’m not totally evil – they can always have a peanut butter sammich … which … just … happens … to … also … be vegetarian. HA! Old age and treachery wins again.


Pat Tillett said...

Puking rainbows or not, that was good. One of our daughters had a dinner/birthday party for her husband last Saturday. Everything served during the dinner was Vegan! I'm a recovering vegetarian myself and now cringe at the mere thought of it. However, the Vegan Chili (hard to believe) was really good! I told my daughter that newly converted vegetarians and vegans are worse than reformed smokers.
As I said, the chili was good, just about everything else made me want to retch...

Gingerspark said...

Recovering Vegetarian? LOL.
I actually prefer my chili with no meat

I haven't smoked in years (I don't think I ever was a 'real' smoker) - I try not to be annoying about that or the no meat thing as my mother always said 'we attract more flies with honey than with vinegar'

I was never sure why I'd want to attract flies though... ;)