Saturday, October 01, 2011


Drove to Bethesda, drove home.
Saw relatives. Ate too much.

Cold dreary single-digit weather.
I love it.

Today is October 1 - first day of my favourite month.
Two holidays - one month.

10 days until my accounting test.
14 days until I need to have completed an 1812-style ball gown.

photo credit: unknown
If it's yours let me know I'd love to give you credit and send readers to your gallery.


Pat Tillett said...

Great post! It is indeed a great time of year. Much changes in the world. Love the photo also...
Hope you are doing well.

Trude said...

Oooo cool photo! October is definitely the best month. :) Hope you share photos of the gown!!

Nariane said...

Thanks Pat! :)

Trude, if I manage to finish it I will certainly post a picture.
So far, fabric and pattern purchased. The end.

First I must pass my Financial Accounting exam.