Friday, October 15, 2010


Not kidlet, harling, witchling, or elfling friendly
Carry on!


Rich said...

Thank you for the warning. Yes, lots of F-Bombs. For being supposedly anti-hate, I sensed a lot of anger in that. Largely justified, but still, I don't like anger.
The comment about making straight divorce legal but comdemning same-sex was well-put.

Nariane said...

Anger can be counter productive in some cases, however often anger is the only thing that motivates people out of complacency.

Rich said...

So, we say counter-complacency instead of anger, then?
Madison Avenue here we come ;-)

But, joking aside, you make a good point, Nariane. In this case though (and especially since the whole theme is anti-hate) I hope to activists restrain themselves from excesses. From personal experience, a tide of emotionalism is easy to get caught up in.