Thursday, November 13, 2008

The voice of reason...


Anonymous said...

Hi I was just checking in because I can't sleep and then I thought about my fried Nariane.

Hello how are you? I hope you are keeping warm up there in the real winter country.... lol

Then I listened to my heart as I watched this news video. Sooo sad, and Saturday, these same peeps marched along Broadway in hundreds demonstrating this. As me and a colleague looked at each other with our priviledged lives, and the money in our pockets, and the museum tickes still smoking in our hands, we were lost of all words.

I couldn't not think about them. I actually felt really sad, and yet this State, and this entire country is still so fucking red neck it is disgusting. I am honored to have a fine Canadian amiga like you. I send you much love. Your friend here San Diego where the really rich assses live.


Nariane said...

Thanks for stopping by Jesse!

it is very sad... I hope someday people will learn to be more tolerant of each other.

Yup, it's getting pretty cold up here in the Great White North - we have snow flakes blowing around (but none on the ground - yet!) and a really cold north wind blowing.

Kisses to you my friend!