Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bravo! Well said sir!

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I’ve had enough. I have had it up to here. I tried to play it the right way, I did. I would rationally and carefully try to explain the issue. I would refuse to sink and play by the terms of the opposition. I was a good guy, for the most part. Now? Mmm. Fuck that.
You want a fight? Fine, let’s lay out some damned ground rules here. Come on! It’ll be fun!
You want to tell me who I can and can’t marry? You want to have say over whom my friends and loved ones can fall in love with and share their lives with?
You sure about that? Let’s take a look.
First a bit of rational thought for you: If marriage is a religious thing and not a state sanctioned and defined object then why do you care? Oh wait, that’s because it isn’t. At all. See, when I can go before a judge and get legally married, not “civil unioned” note but married - with a certificate and everything - it means your precious little deity ain’t in the room.
So if you don’t like it then ban it in your churches. But that is the only place you get to say no to things. See, it’s a secular country. Sorry but it is. “One Nation under God” - not until the 50’s it wasn’t. This place wasn’t founded on that. Oh sure God got some lip service in the Constitution, but so did a separation of church and state. So pick it. In or out, motherfuckers. In or out.
But regardless, you want to push forward with this! You want to demand your so-called right to use your religion as a battering ram into my home. Into my family affairs. Then I call fair play!
You have to play by every other religions rules as well. So we all go Kosher. All of us. Yup. We all also give up medical care. It goes against what Christian Scientists believe in after all, right? It’s only fair and right.
You want to deny rights based on religion then so will I. I will pick whatever religion I feel like at the time, though. Because they each have as much bearing on you as yours does on mine. See, isn’t that equality?
So you get to ban gay marriage and I get to deny you penicillin! Now we’re getting somewhere! I can feel the fairness spreading out and touching each of us in our very hearts!
Look, you want to deny me your Heaven? Go for it! You want to tell me I’m a sinner, a heathen and a bad, bad man? Hallelujah and pass the ammo! But I am going to fight just as hard against your rights.
Come on. Social chicken. Wanna see if I flinch? Bitch, I’ve played chicken with busses going 40 m.p.h. on NY City streets and won. Bring it. Bring your lies, your hate, your unconscionable intolerance and moral sickness and I will wipe my ass with each one and thank you and ask for more.
Because you’ll get worse.
You want a war? Fine! Let’s play it your way! You want to protest and hold signs and tell us how we’re going to hell? Let’s see how you like it when we protest your churches and ceremonies. Let’s find out. I’m game.
Because I’m sick of this. I am sick and truly fucking tired of each and every one of you who can’t see your way to respecting your fellow humans enough to grant them the same rights you do simply because they don’t think your invisible man’s paperback is all that smooth.
Get over your self-importance and do the right thing. Or else. No more chances, no more Mr. Nice Guy, no more understanding. You started this bullshit fight. Don’t be surprised when you get punched in the face.
Are we clear?


vixen kitten said...

Beautifully said.

I found you via Jesse. I hope you don't mind I stopped by and visited.

Have a beautiful weekend.


Gingerspark said...

Hi Vixen_Kitten

of course I don't mind!! It's nice to meet you.

I hope your weekend is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nariane how are you? I just wanted to stop by and say hello like always but this time I have two gifts to give you. They are for your blog. If you want you can put them as pictures on your page.

They were given to me and now I have the honor of giving them to you. Thank you for your friendship and click here to see your awards.

Kisses baby

Gingerspark said...

Thank you Jesse!
That is so sweet of you!

I will more definitely add these to my blog... as soon as I figure out how. *rushes off to find the instructions*

kisses to you.