Saturday, March 05, 2011


Canadian PM Harper wants to make all official communications come from the "Harper Government", not the "Government of Canada"???

A rebranding of the 'Harper Government'

He re-branded the Canadian Government by CUTTING CANADA OUT of the name.
Nice, eh?

I think 'Harper Regime' sounds good, don't you?

We already have the Loonie (1$ coin) and the Toonie (2$ coin). Why not a $3 coin called the Harpoonie? it has a nice ring to it, non?

Perhaps there should be Harper statues erected? and some Harper Palaces?

It worked for Saddam Hussein, the Ayatollah, Lenin and even Gadhafi — at least for a time.

I'm sorry but it's the Canadian Government, not the Harper Government!

Silly delusional narcissistic prime minister!


Anonymous said...

Oh hell no! I'm deeply concerned about where this country is heading. Being out here on the wet left-coast, it feels like we live in some sort of a political bubble. No one really pays much attention to what's going on in Ottawa because we have some much drama with our own provincial government.
Thanks for posting about this. We all need to wake up. - G

Nariane said...

I used to live in Montreal so I understand that political silo mentality.

I just don't get this PM's arrogance - he doesn't have a majority... more Canadians voted for other parties than for his.