Monday, December 07, 2009

oh snap!

Dear Self-righteous Dude in TO who snarked "oh yeah, well that's just YOUR opinion",

Yeah, mine and a wholllllllllllle buncha other peoples
cuz... yeah,


Rich said...

At first, this particular blog made no sense. Then I followed your link, and while it was very interesting, I still am clueless. Haha.

What or who is TO? What is your opinion of these buildings? Why do you consider it a personal matter worth blogging about? (Not that it isn't: I'm just wondering if, say, architecture is a hobby of yours, or an obsession?) And what does the snapping have to do with anything? I must've missed that part...

Anyway, kinda fun to see the multimillions that were wasted grotesquely. But I really wish there had been more pictures. And more cleavage.

Nariane said...

I got into a heated discussion (not so unusual for me sadly) with a "trendy urbane" stranger who was gushing about the ROM's (Royal Ontario Museum) new crystal - something I find an abhorrent crime against a graceful and venerable old building.

When he was unable to convince me that I was not an uncultured barbarian and that it was NOT one of the ugliest buildings in the world he announced that it was “only my opinion” and flounced off.

With this announcement of this “ugliest building list” I am vindicated – it proves that I am not alone in my assessment of the horrific ugliness of this particular building.

I’ll never see this guy again – which is a pity as I’d love to rub his poncy nose in this article (poncy – from Urban Dictionary - Someone, something or somewhere which is overpriced, over styled, over rated, or thinks more highly of itself than it deserves.)

The purpose in blogging this is merely a gleefully gloat.

oh snap - as defined by Urban Dictionary is a term that “seconds the taunting, comeback, and/or verbal abuse of another person.”… in this case directed at the guy who was gushing.

TO is local shorthand for Toronto Ontario