Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Props to RandomFerret!

Let’s recap...

- My laptop just stopped working. Right in the middle of a bubble blasting game there appeared the blue screen of death and an error message; perhaps I exceeded the international maximum bubble destruction quota....

- Why do error messages have numbers instead of names?

o Error message 99849865673876346azh means nothing... and is therefore incredibly unhelpful.

o Your computer has shut down to protect the hard drive because the mother board has detected that you have exceeded the international maximum bubble destruction quota; no sudden moves - The police will be there soon! <= this is useful.

- NEVER clean out the storage room with your significant other. For some reason their keepsakes and important and potential useful things to store stuff are always more important than yours which (obviously) should have been turfed years ago

o Ditto for the garage.

- This weekend was the long Victoria Day Weekend... wherein we celebrate Queen Victoria’s Birthday by setting off fireworks, having BBQs and generally having way more fun than Queen Victoria is having because she’s dead.

o It’s the “unofficial” start summer when people flock to cottage country, and start gardening and planting. Unfortunately we had frost Saturday and Sunday morning... chilly, very chilly.

I thought this was amusing...


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