Tuesday, April 21, 2009

*insert evil chuckle*

So there we were in The Alehouse, drinking beers (good snobby beer… not the run of the mill beer crud teenage boys sneak to parties)…

And we were chatting about vasectomies as one is wont to do when imbibing snooty beer…
This guy had a great story!

After two sets of identical boy twins in less than three years this guy and his wife decide that ‘enough is enough’ and off he trots to the doctor for ye ol’snipsnip!

He arrives at the office and the waiting room is filled with about 20 grim-faced anxious men… he could smell the fear.

He is the morning’s first patient. His name is called and he shuffles somewhat nervously off to the surgery. The doctor is a huge man of a certain age with a booming voice and a heavy Scottish accent.

The doctor bent over and was futzing around with bit of electrical cable. He stands up suddenly and bashes the back of his head on a shelf. He hit the shelf hard; hard enough to lift the shelf up and send stuff on it flying. The doctor lets out a loud bellow of pain (understandably) and his nurse screams as stuff and supplies fly off the shelf at her. The doctor grabs at the back of his head and bellows “OMG I’m bleeding”. Our friend (actually just an acquaintance) and the nurse get the doctor seated and compressed the back of his head which was bleeding quite profusely.

At this point the receptionist bursts through the door hollering “What the hell is happening in here?? You scared the shit out of ever damn one of those men out there… the whole waiting room cleared out… they practically trampled each other to death in a stampede to get the hell out of here.”

Sure enough the waiting room was empty – some poor dears had even left coats and briefcases behind in their panicked getaway.

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