Wednesday, December 31, 2008

May all yer hang-overs be tolerable.

for Pete's sake, if you drink - take a cab! Stay off your broom!!

*raises a toast to the New Year*

May 2009 be the morning of prosperity that shines on the evening of 2008’s adversity.

New Year's Eve

Play a thin tune
on a paper horn
Old is dying
New is born....

Scatter confetti
over the floor
Sweep an old year
Out the door....

Blow up a wish
in a bright balloon
Whisper dreams
To a midnight moon....

Play a loud tune
on a paper horn
Old is dying
New is born....

by Myra Cohn Livingson....


Alan said...

Neat poem, kind of different...
Happy New Year.
If you get a chance come to Robot Nine and play the Picture Puzzle today. No winner yet!
Robot Nine

Alan said...

By the way, the poem is cool because if you visit my blog Balloon Release, tou'll see I release balloons with notes. Tonight at midnight I hope to release six of them. The poem talks of balloons. Cool.

sel said...

It's time for celebrations

for happiness and laughter
For hearts that whisper and glow
And time for wishing all good thing
and peace and joy for you
for the new year through the every second, every breath.

Happy New Year!!!

Nariane said...

I tried the Picture Puzzle - I couldn't get it.

and I'm glad you liked the poem!

Nariane said...

Thank you so much sel!!
I wish you all the best wishes and dreams throughout this new year.