Monday, October 13, 2008

Go Vote!

WHO you vote for is none of my damn business,

THAT you vote is my great concern.

I want to point out to both Americans and Canadians, that whether or not you support the war effort, it is claiming the lives of sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. They are fighting and dying for freedom and democracy in foreign lands. Our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers (and beyond) fought and died for our freedom and democracy here at home – exercise that right of democracy they bought for you by voting.

Dear Americans,

If you want Obama in as the first African-American President (or for any other reasons) – go vote!! …….He won’t necessarily win if you don’t.

Don’t want Palin? Want to make sure she doesn’t get close to that Red Button? Go Vote

You want McCain in? You think the Republicans are the way of the future? Go vote.

Dear Canadians

You want Harper and Harper-nomics out? You want to get rid of Dion? Want the Green Party to finally get official party status?? Mad about the loss of jobs, programs, the continuing war, taxes, and health care?? Go vote TOMORROW!


Don’t let THEM speak for you.

Many people you vehemently disagree with WILL be voting. Why let them dictate what kind of world you will have to live in? Get informed and get your ass out there.

“Why should I vote? My vote won’t count anyways”

QUIT WHINING YOU BIG PUTZ! Sure “we” may not win. But “we” definitely won’t win if “we” don’t vote. Even if “we” lose – quit sniveling like a sulky spoiled git – “we” tried! And “we” will keep trying.

No Vote. No Complaints.

None. Not one word. Just shut up.

If you haven’t voted, you have no right to bitch about the price of gas, the taxes, crappy health care, the lack of student loans, public transport, policing, the conditions of the roads, crime, schools, guns laws, drugs, unemployment, immigration, the closure of parks, pools, libraries, the repeal of the rights of gays and lesbians to marry, abortion laws, or anything else the government does or doesn’t do.

If you haven’t voted – then STFU.

If you did take the time to vote – feel free to be as critical as you can be; bitch to your heart’s content.

Thank you for your attention – this was an unpaid politically inclined rant brought to you by PMS and the Association of Those Tired of Apathetical Whiners.

…….. and now back to your regularly scheduled internet usage.

P.S. HAPPY TURKEY DAY to all my Canadian friends.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Happy thanks giving to you my dear friend, and I agree with everything you said.

Great post and I will say hi to silvestre for you... lol

see ya!


Nariane said...

Thanks Jesse

For the record - I did vote, and my party did NOT win.