Monday, September 04, 2006

the moors are calling...

Autumn is fast approaching...I love this time of year. I love absolutely everything about it.

Too many people think of this time of year in melancholy terms, the leaves dying, and everything ending, not me I see it as a beginning...I become alive, awake.
They used to tell me that this is because the veil is thin at this time of year...I don't know what it is, but I know I love it.

...the changing colours, the blustery winds, the blowing leaves, the first frost, and the smells. Nothing, nothing in this world smells as good as the autumn; a Vermont farm stand, the fragrant mix of apples, cider, pine trees, and crisp clear mountain air), frost, brisk mornings, and snow in the mountains - yes they all have a smell.
throw in a leaf burning fire, and the thrill of biting into a crisp sour Northern Spy or Spartan, and it's pure heaven.

There is something about the crisp autumn air, bonfires, fireplaces, and the comforting feeling of pulling on a snugly sweatshirt, or snuggling down into warm blankets that is exciting to me.

I love the mists that swirl in around now and will find almost any excuse to go out and walk in them - the thicker the better! I love losing my self in the stillness and mystery the mist brings with it...and let's face it pumpkins are just so pretty.

Traditionally, Samhain was the Celtic new year and to me this time of year really does signify the new year; not January 1.
the big changes happen now...we make all sorts of new years's resolutions in January and but nothing really changes from Dec 31 to the morning after...with the possible exception of the hang over.

It's autumn that signals change, new schools, new school years, university kids leaving home for the first time, new adventures, new harvests, new plans, life gears back up and yet quiets down...

There is a sense of excitement and anticipation, and it comes something other than visiting stationary stores and fondling new school supplies.

There is a growing quiet in the woods.

Alys (from MySpace, aka REEPT from Blather) said that she heard the geese calling early one morning and hearing that call made her want to go home...a feeling that she couldn't pinpoint or explain anymore than that.

I understand completely, although I doubt I can describe it any better.

In the autumn, When I'm standing alone in the woods, or in the mountains, or anywhere and I get a whiff of something in the air, a hint of an indescribable scent that triggers a feeling and need to be somewhere, to be home. I hear an inaudible voice summoning me to something somewhere and I sense an impulsive need to follow that call to meet whatever is beckoning.

Who knows, maybe someday I will...

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