Friday, May 26, 2006

thinking thinky things...

We are not fully-formed, static creatures; we are works in progress continually being made, and remade, by the consequences of our own chosen actions and inactions.

It is these choices, more than our talents and abilities that show us for what we truly are.

The first step to getting what we want to out of life is to simply decide what we want. It’s not always easy; the more alternatives we have, the more difficult the choice.

I think that one of the primary core components of human growth is realization of human choice; in making choices we learn to live with decisions and consequences and we learn who we really are.

What do you think?

Also consider this…if someone is incapable of doing evil. Can they be ‘good’? They have not chosen the higher path; they simply were not capable of any other course of action.

My grandmother once said that a witch that cannot curse also cannot cure; a person must acknowledge the darkness in order to acknowledge the light.

If someone is capable of evil, but chooses another course of action, doesn’t that put them on a higher path; making them “good” as they’ve chosen to harm none?


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