Monday, March 20, 2006

Well, spring sprang.
We've had our state of grace and our little gift of sanctioned madness, courtesy of Mother Nature.
Thanks, Gaia. Much obliged.
I guess it's time to get back to that daily routine of living we like to call normal.
(Northern Exposure, Spring Break, 1991)

'tis the Vernal Equinox. Happy Ostara!

As the newly reborn sun races across the sky, the days become longer, the air warmer and, once again, life begins to return to the land. Twice a year, day and night become equal in length. To the elders, the equinoxes were markers in which seeds would be planted and then harvested.

The Vernal Equinox is a time of renewal, both in Nature and in the Home.

.........and nothing says renewal like a Cadbury mini-egg.


Savannah said...

are you a Christian Witch? This blog is beautiful.

Nariane said...

I am an 'earthy' Christian Witch. I walk the paths of the ancient ones...caught between the wiccan world and the christian world.

Thank you! my blog tends to be somewhat eclectic...*shrugs*

You are welcome.