Monday, November 22, 2004

*Insert witty entry title here*

Have you ever noticed that most people (not all, but most) are just about as happy as they want to be?

I'm not sure how I'm doing handling peoples' reactions to my "coming out" of the witchy closet... this is not something new to me. I grew up in a witchy way - it's just that we didn't talk about it - we didn't need to that's just the way things were. I haven't changed, but now that I've been opener about it's just weird.
Sometimes I really do wish that magick worked as most people envision it to... but, *sigh* it's best that it doesn't otherwise we would be overun by toads... *looks around innocently - did I just say that?*

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Izzy Me said...

Ribbit, Croak, Ribbit!

I got better!

Whats up Buck?

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